Urid Dal Vada (ullutham vadai)

Serves 10-15 vadas


Urid dhal – ½ cup

Green or Red chillies – 4-5 (cut into small pieces)

Salt – to taste

Oil – To fry

Asafoetida – 1 pinch

Preparation of Vada batter:

  1. Wash urid dhal in a bowl, drain the water. Add hot water to the washed urid dhal and keep it aside for 30 – 45 mins. Make sure the urid dhal is fully immersed in the water.
  2. After 30 – 45 mins, drain the water and grind the urid dhal in a mixie or grinder nicely.
  3. Add very little water while grinding.
  4. When it becomes like a fine thick paste, take out and add salt, chillies, asafoetida. Mix well.

Preparation of Urid dhal Vada:

  1. Heat Oil (enough for frying) in a frying pan. Add a little batter to the oil and check whether it comes to the top immediately. If it is so, the oil is heated up well for frying.
  2. Lower the flame to medium now. Take a small amount of the batter in hand and press it lightly to flatten and make a small hole in the center. Now add that to the oil.
  3. Fry till the top turns to light brown colour. Now turn the vada to the other side and fry till it changes colour too.
  4. Take out and put it in a bowl covered with tissues. So that the oil in the vada will get settled in tissues.
  5. Follow the same procedure for the whole batter.

Enjoy the vada with coconut or tomoto or pudhina chutney.

Additional Info:

You can also grind the chillies along with the urid dhal. You can also use red dry chillies.

While making vada, wipe your hand with water, so that, while flattening the batter, it will not stick to your hand. If you are not comfortable with hand, you can use the base of a flat bottom bowl.


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